The Learners Guide Welcome to the Learners Guide – this website is a free resource for learner drivers, helping each step of the way to make the learning to drive experience as positive and clear as possible and to help in preparing for success on the all important driving test.

The Learners Guide will help throughout all stages of learning to drive including: Getting started, help on all topics you will cover on driving lessons, booking tests and advise on what happens on the driving test and how to best prepare.

In order to help you gain confidence and speed up success the Learners Guide has created a series of lesson plans.

These can be viewed in advance of you needing to carry out in practice, which should save you time on lessons and money!

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The Learners Guide can also help you find a suitable driving instructor in your area.

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The Learners Guide features a selection of the best driving schools and instructors throughout the UK.

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Driving on the Motorway
As a learner driver, the motorway can seem like a scary and dangerous place to drive. It is totally natural for you to feel nervous the first few times you drive on the motorway, but don't worry because after some practise you will get used to it.

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Are You an Instructor?

The Learners Guide offers a service promoting small independent driving schools throughout the UK.

We provide unique web page URLs designed to direct Google searches directly to your Learners Guide listing.

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Choosing an Instructor

Get tips on what to look for from the best driving instructors. How qualified they should be, what types of courses to look for, and more.

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