Finding the best driving instructors

Recent TV programmes such as Watchdog and Rip-off  Britain have highlighted the experience of many people having a very poor service from their driving instructors. Watchdog was mainly showing people who had taken up driving lessons with BSM. One of the complaints came from a learner who was very keen to get his test passed and after all the preparation, when he turned up for the driving test, the examiner noticed there was no valid tax disc and as a result refused to take him out on test. Many of the other complaints were regarding BSM swapping their driving instructors, sometimes more than on a single occasion, therefore leaving each pupil to get used to another driving instructor, both personally and professionally. It would be fare to say that extra lessons would be needed when a new instructor has to take over, so will undoubtably cost extra to learn to drive, as well as taking time to feel comfortable getting used to the new person and their style of teaching when this happens.

The BBC’s consumer show Rip-off Britain was highlighting several complaints regarding the growing amount of driving instructors with trainee licence’s conducting lessons with unsuspecting customers who were often paying the same price as fully qualified Driving Standards Agency (DSA) Approved instructors. Trainee driving instructors would not yet have passed the most challenging part (part 3) for ability to instruct, to enable them to become fully qualified and there are time limits for them to pass the final test. If the time limit elapses then legally they can’t charge for lessons, so this is often the reason why many learners end up having to start with a new instructor. Trainee licence holders should display a pink badge in their tuition car, they may be perfectly good instructors, however, apart from the possibility of not being able to continue until passing the test, with the lack of experience it is often that their pass rates won’t be as high as fully qualified green badge holders.

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