Cheap advertising for driving schools

With the highest amount of unemployment between 17 and 24 year olds since the 1980’s, it’s no surprise that driving schools are struggling to keep anywhere near a full diary. Also there has been a trend for some time for woman to have children later on in life which has left less youngsters turning 17 and the numbers are set to decline even further for many years. We’re still seeing the like of Red driving school, spinning people the line that there is a good career in driving instruction, where you can “Earn over £30,000″, " Train for a recession proof career" ,  "Work the hours you choose"   "It's a job for life"...etc

With referrals being the backbone of most independent driving schools, many are finding it very hard when they start to dry up. This is because generating pupils through other means can be very expensive and hit and miss. With speaking to literally thousands of driving instructors over the last several months, not one form of advertising has stood out as a consistent worth while option. Many are in stuck between a rock and a hard place, in that they are so quiet they can’t afford to advertise and yet they need to do something to pick up the work to earn the money ! If  you are a driving instructor reading this and you would be interested in being promoted not just on this website, but having the most cost effective way of getting your driving school noticed, then you can trial our service for the first year for a token fee of just £40. There are limited places available and this offer is for a limited period only – the standard fee is still a very reasonable £80 with no obligation to continue if you don’t see the value. For more details on how it may work for you, please call Roger on 07931 137777 or email .