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Whether you are 17 or 71, when you are learning to drive you need as much professional tuition and practice as possible to develop the driving skills needed to pass the practical driving test, you can then be confident the day the examiner says "You've Passed! " you will be able to pull away from the kerb by yourself for the first time, with both you and your family safe in the knowledge that you have received the best professional advice backed by valuable hours of practice. Get a Quote

Cost Effective

From £2 a day Covered Learner Driver Insurance can help you develop the skills passed onto you by your driving instructor, also assists you in receiving the minimum of 42 hours driving tuition as recommended by the Government Driving Standards Agency, they recommended the 42 hours contain at least 24 hours of unstructured time behind the wheel. A Covered Learner Driver policy could save you as much as £900.

Valuable Practice

Covered Learner Driver Insurance gives you time to practice those tricky turns - the hated hill starts - and the dreaded parallel parking, all in your own time, when you want, with someone you trust and feel comfortable with.

Benefits The Car Owner (protects any NCB)

The policy has been developed to give the car owner the confidence in letting a learner driver get behind the wheel, Covered Learner driver is a fully comprehensive policy in the name of the learner driver, should you be involved in any accident and the learner is at the wheel its their policy that is called on. There is a £300 excess on the policy no matter what age the learner is, this is lower than a traditional policy which is around £700.

Covered Lerner Driver Policy Benefits

All of the policy benefits help both the car owner and the Learner, it gives car owners confidence to help learner drivers pass their test quickly, as the policy protects the Car the NCB and is Fully Comprehensive. Plus it gives the Learner more practice time and makes the learner better equipped to pass the driving test and then help handle the events they will encounter on today's busy roads.

  • The price is fixed, regardless of your postcode* (Be careful - some providers advertise low premiums and then penalise you on your postcode)
  • The price is fixed, regardless of your age. (Some policies have age restrictions)
  • The policy covers the learner driver while driving under supervision by anyone over the age of 25 that holds a full UK driving licence and has done so for three years or more. *** (some policies limit the number of supervisors)
  • Covered Learner Driver Insurance offers 5 levels of cover that can cost as little as £2 per day
  • Covered Learner Driver Policies can be purchased either monthly or up to 5 months and can be renewed as many times as required
  • It protects the car owners NCB
  • It also removes the expense of having to add additional young learner drivers to a car owner's main policy
  • It Covers any vehicle up to and including Group 26 (1-50 grouping)**

Covered Learner Driver Premiums

  • 1 month - (28 Days) £82.50 - £2.95 a day
  • 2 months - (56 Days) £155.00 - £2.77 a day
  • 3 months - (84 Days) £218.00 - £2.59 a day
  • 4 months - (112 Days) £258.00 - £2.30 a day
  • 5 months - (140 Days) £278.00 - £1.98 a day

What if I own my own car?

If you are lucky enough to own the car you are learning to drive in - be aware! The majority of Learner Driver policies do not offer any cover if the Learner Driver owns the vehicle they are learning to drive in i.e. the registered keeper of the vehicle is the learner driver. Covered Insurance have thought of this and developed a policy for you. This policy can be purchased at Get a Quote now.

*some postcodes are excluded

**Vehicle must be under £20,000 in value and insurance group 26 or lower, the insurance group of the car will be checked in the application process.

*** On covered Learner Driver the car must be insured elsewhere by the owner

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